“In 2007, I asked Ian from Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers to come and assist me in implementing some risk insurance strategies, such as Income Protection, Life and Trauma.  As I am the sole “bread winner” for my family, I felt it was imperative that I had the correct insurance cover to help out my family in case something untoward happened to me.
I hadn’t even thought of getting any insurance cover for my wife, however, Ian made it very clear about how important that it was to make sure my wife had sufficient insurance cover to help me out if anything untoward happened to her.
The insurance cover was set, then the monthly premiums just became another bill that we budgeted for, like the electricity or telephone bill.
In October of 2012, my wife was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.
It was with some trepidation that I phoned Ian to enquire whether or not we had trauma cover for my wife as I remembered that I didn’t want the cover for her in the first place, and the fact that I have been told by nearly every client that I have suggested risk insurance to say that it’s not worth the money, and that the “bastards” never payout anyway…
Thankfully, I listened to Ian’s words of wisdom 5 years ago, and within 1 week of making the claim (of which Ian did 99% of the work), a significant sum was deposited into our bank account.  As with all types of serious illnesses, after you have been diagnosed, there seems to be a never ending list of specialists to see and tests to do. This causes enough stress, but knowing that our house is now debt free, one bourdon has been lifted off our shoulders so that we can now concentrate on just life itself.
Thank you Ian and the crew from Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers, as without your wisdom back in 2007. Having the correct type of cover, as well as the necessary level of cover, has completely transformed our life.  The past 6 months have certainly been a journey for my family, however, we have come out the other side with a clean bill of health so far, but we were one of the lucky ones.  I would hate to think of what our situation would have been if the diagnosis was worse, and to top it off, us having to worry about our financial security at the same time.”

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