At Insurance Claims Advisers, we pride ourselves on often exceeding our clients expectations by delivering claims outcomes in the most efficient manner. Time and time again we receive feedback from our valued clients telling us how the service they have received from us has changed their lives. Many of these clients have tried to handle these claims themselves, only to realise just how difficult it can be without the assistance of an expert adviser.

Please note that Curo Financial Services is the parent company of Insurance Claims Advisers and as a result, many of the testimonials are in relation to work completed by Curo. Curo and Insurance Claims Advisers share the same staff and offer the same level of service.


Hand Injury – Income Protection Claim

“The team at Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers, following intensive analysis of my financial information, determined that the insurance company had made an error in their calculation of the amount of money I was entitled to.

I don’t think I would ever have seen that extra $70,000 without your help and I don’t think the rest of the claim would have run so smoothly either.”

Doctor H,

Leukemia – Trauma Insurance Claim

My husband and I would have been lost in paperwork without the guidance of Ian and his team. They made sure we fully understood each form and answered any questions we had about the forms and the process. I can’t imagine what it would have been like not having their support and guidance during this stressful period. They followed up our insurer to ensure we got everything we were entitled to not only with the current claim but with a claim that was made four years ago.

We have been really impressed with their service and that fact they care about their clients. We are very appreciative of everything they’ve done for us and would highly recommend them to anyone needing to make claims or having problems with insurers.



More of our client’s testimonials can be found below.


“I have been an extremely happy client of Ian’s for a number of years utilising his services for life, TPD, and income protection.
A sporting injury 4 years ago prompted me to contact Ian for a claim.  Even though I was full of morphine for 2 weeks,  Ian and his team made the claim process simple and fast.   My final surgery was only a few months back, which required me to have a few months off work again, forcing me to once more claim.
Ian (and Justin) came to the rescue of this simple motor mechanic,  advising and helping wherever they could to guide me through the minefield that is claim forms!!!”

Mrs V, Mechanic, NSW


“On behalf of my wife and myself would like to thank you & Comminsure for your expertise & speedy response to our claims.
As you know, my wife was hit with a cancer in her lung and I was found with skin cancer. I think from the moment I told you about our medical issues, you sending us the claim forms & advising us on the procedure to follow. We submitted the medical & other forms to you, we received our insured values within 48 to 72 hours.
I believe that without you as our broker & your knowledge of the Comminsure products & their understanding of the medical issues we wouldn’t have received our payments so quickly.
So once again thank you, your staff for your assistance.”

Accountant, Melbourne, Victoria


“Last year I had an operation where I had part of my thyroid removed. A cancer was discovered when sent for analysis.
I emailed my broker with the results and within weeks my Trauma Claim had been paid.
I’m very grateful for the professionalism displayed by Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers and their staff and all I can add is that after reading the bad press about claims not being paid by insurance companies, I’ m thrilled with what my adviser achieved for me.”

Financial Advisor, Sydney, NSW


“We were recently referred to Ian Satill of Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers to undertake a review of our personal insurances.  During this process Ian discovered that I should be eligible to lodge a claim for payment through my Trauma Insurance.
Ian supplied all information and forms required and submitted them, and the appropriate reports, on my behalf.  Ian was very thorough, following up to enquire if I had received my settlement payment – which I had not.  He proceeded to pursue the matter with the insurance company, which resulted in prompt payment direct into my account.
We would happily refer others to use his services as we appreciated his practical…. and professional advice and assistance.”

Finance Manager, Adelaide, SA


I was referred to ‘Insurance Claim Advisers’ by my Accountant when I needed to make a claim for TPD.  From the start Brent Satill and the team managed my claim through the process and simply made it straightforward for me. I could not recommend Brent enough and the team for what they achieved for me and my family.  It has been a life changing event.  Brent was always a true professional, thorough and sensitive about how I felt and was always giving me updates on the progress of the claim.  But the thing that struck me the most about Brent was he is such a good listener and made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered during it all.

Greg, Financial Advisor, NSW


“I am a partner in an accounting and financial planning practice.  Our financial planning activity includes providing risk advice to clients.
In late 2012, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Thankfully we had taken our own advice and substantial income protection and trauma policies were in place.  These were triggered by my diagnosis.
When I received my diagnosis, we realised that we had very little experience in managing the claims process and dealing with insurers on behalf of clients.  I had enough challenges on my plate without launching into an education in how to manage claims with the insurers.  So we engaged Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers to assist us with my claims with 2 separate insurers.
Ian Satill from Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers demonstrated a high level of knowledge and expertise in expediting the lodgement and processing of the claim as well as maximising benefits paid to me under both policies.  He made some bold projections in respect of claim turnaround and benefits available which I thought at the time were overly ambitious.  In reality, he was right and I was wrong.
The performance of Ian and Insurance Claims Advisers through this process was impressive.
And even better…….  I have a post-surgery clean bill of health from my specialist.”
Partner, Financial Planning practice,
South Brisbane,

Partner, Financial Planning practice, South Brisbane, QLD


The funds for the critical illness claim have come through! A very odd sight to see the money in our account.
I resisted the urge to go out and buy a Ferrari and instead we are on track to pay off all our debt by tomorrow and will put the remaining money in long term deposit (while we figure out what to do next!).
Words seem pretty lame, but thanks again for all your amazing work. You guys are very good at what you do.

Marketing Consultant, Sydney, NSW


“We emigrated to Australia in 2014 and had to take out all the usual insurances for the kinds of cover that we had in South Africa. We were very fortunate in that we were referred to Ian Satill and his firm.
The knowledge and professionalism of Ian and Insurance Claims Advisers resulted in us getting all the insurance that we needed. As we know, we never expect to claim but unfortunately only a year and a half after arriving here, I was in the unfortunate situation of needing to make a dread disease claim due to a cancer diagnosis.
The process was so quick and simple as we did it through Ian, he dealt with all the issues and requests. I did not need to make a single call to a call centre or the insurer themselves. On the other hand, we made another claim via our super fund insurance, and it has been an extremely tiresome process that is still ongoing as we are dealing with call centres! I strongly recommend Ian and ICA!”

Jacqueline, Sydney, NSW


“I started to doubt my interpretation of definitions despite twenty years of experience. I was deeply concerned for my client and full of doubt in myself when I turned to Ian Satill.

He professionally attended to the claim and in a brief period had it paid in full, back dated to the start and the client will receive a full indexed benefit through to age 65.

My business integrity remains intact and my client was in tears of joy and relief. I cannot recommend Ian’s services highly enough.

Financial Advisor, Adelaide, South Australia


“Thank you so much for your help with my recent income protection and business expenses insurance claim.
Dealing with you as my adviser, rather than dealing with the insurance company directly made the process clear, easy and stress free. Because you know the product better than I do myself, you were able to point out that I was actually entitled to payment earlier and for a longer period than I expected. This extra income of course helped greatly.
Being your client and so having you deal with the insurance company on my behalf I am certain ensured the best result and allowed me to get on with the job of getting well.”

Doctor L, NSW


“In 2007, I asked Ian from Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers to come and assist me in implementing some risk insurance strategies, such as Income Protection, Life and Trauma.  As I am the sole “bread winner” for my family, I felt it was imperative that I had the correct insurance cover to help out my family in case something untoward happened to me.
I hadn’t even thought of getting any insurance cover for my wife, however, Ian made it very clear about how important that it was to make sure my wife had sufficient insurance cover to help me out if anything untoward happened to her.
The insurance cover was set, then the monthly premiums just became another bill that we budgeted for, like the electricity or telephone bill.
In October of 2012, my wife was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.
It was with some trepidation that I phoned Ian to enquire whether or not we had trauma cover for my wife as I remembered that I didn’t want the cover for her in the first place, and the fact that I have been told by nearly every client that I have suggested risk insurance to say that it’s not worth the money, and that the “bastards” never payout anyway…
Thankfully, I listened to Ian’s words of wisdom 5 years ago, and within 1 week of making the claim (of which Ian did 99% of the work), a significant sum was deposited into our bank account.  As with all types of serious illnesses, after you have been diagnosed, there seems to be a never ending list of specialists to see and tests to do. This causes enough stress, but knowing that our house is now debt free, one bourdon has been lifted off our shoulders so that we can now concentrate on just life itself.
Thank you Ian and the crew from Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers, as without your wisdom back in 2007. Having the correct type of cover, as well as the necessary level of cover, has completely transformed our life.  The past 6 months have certainly been a journey for my family, however, we have come out the other side with a clean bill of health so far, but we were one of the lucky ones.  I would hate to think of what our situation would have been if the diagnosis was worse, and to top it off, us having to worry about our financial security at the same time.”

Accountant, Hunter Region, NSW


“I had total thyroidectomy done this year. Papillary thyroid cancer was detected on postoperative pathology.
Ian and team helped me to get my Trauma claim paid out in less than a weeks time.
I would highly recommend Ian and Insurance Claims Advisers for anyone who needs to make a fast and stress-free insurance claim.”

Accountant, Sydney, NSW