Key Person and Buy/Sell Insurance Claims

9524450_orig Millions of Australian’s have Life Insurance and TPD (Total and Permanent Disability Insurance) for a variety of different reasons –┬áthe most common being family protection. It is also very common for businesses to protect themselves in a similar fashion. Key Person Insurance and Buy/Sell Insurance ensure your business continues to operate should something happen to you.Key Person Insurance assists businesses by providing capital to replace revenue that may be lost should a senior staff member pass away.

Buy/Sell Insurance provides business owners with peace of mind that their stake in a business will be bought by the right person, for the right price. This, in turn, provides greater security for the benefactors of the deceased’s estate (generally their family) as they will have a guarantee as to how much money they will be receiving from the sale of their stake in the business.

We have a vast amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to these types of insurance as well as the ways in which they are commonly structured. This knowledge is crucial in facilitating a swift and effective claims process. Let us help you ensure all parties are taken into account when your business faces the prospect of processing a claim. Contact Insurance Claim Advisers to secure the ongoing future of your business.