Claims Process

7917839 Making an insurance claim, whether it is for life, income protection or TPD insurance can be a very daunting prospect for a number of reasons. You are only required to claim on this type of insurance when something tragic has happened, whether it be the death of a loved one, or your own significant illness or injury. As a result, you are unlikely to be in any position to comfortably handle what can be a cumbersome and very technical process. At this point in time, you need expert assistance so that you can focus on what matters most.

We specialise in managing life, disability, trauma and income protection claims. Our sole objective is to make sure you receive the maximum benefit payable to you in the most timely and efficient manner. Lengthy claims processes can mean you feel you’re in a fight for the funds you are rightfully entitled to, the last thing you want at a time of need or illness. We constantly strive to achieve our primary goal of providing you with the comfort and peace of mind that your claim is in safe hands. At Insurance Claims Advisers, your interests are our interests too.


The different types of insurance claims significantly vary; as does the complexity of analysing each individual claim. Our experience and expertise enable us to promptly assess the variables of your claim, maximise your entitlements and minimise the time to payment. Our ability to deliver a seamless and successful claims experience is what makes our service so valuable to our clients.

Sadly, it is all too common for individuals dealing directly with insurance companies to find their claims significantly delayed or worse, underpaid. As long time industry participants we have seen this occur on an ongoing basis. The incorrect completion of claims forms, requests for excessive (and sometimes unnecessary) information, incorrect payment calculations and failure to identify product requirements all create potential for delayed or reduced payment. Yet each potential factor is easily managed in the hands of an experienced advisor. It is therefore essential that you seek expert advice regarding your claim, or better yet, conduct the entire insurance process in collaboration with a professional.

We will manage your claim from start to finish acting as the sole intermediary between you and the insurer. Claim forms request a lot of personal and detailed information and we are here to assist you in their swift yet accurate completion. Before submitting these to the insurer, we will review the completed forms to ensure that the information you have provided is sufficient to have your claim paid whilst not being in excess of what the insurer needs to know. Further to this, we will likely be able to identify any foreseeable issues as a result of the information you have provided and aim to address these at the start of the process or at least provide warning of any potential outcomes contrary to what you are expecting.

Often we see insurance companies requesting information immaterial to the assessment of a claim and this delays the process and the time before you receive any benefits. We are quickly able to identify such cases and can leverage our relationships with key personnel in claims departments to have unnecessary requirements waived and therefore accelerate the payment of your benefit.


More complicated products such as Income Protection policies, Trauma policies and TPD Insurance policies often have multiple ancillary benefits attached to them that may entitle you to receive extra payments, lump sum payments, premium waivers or other additional benefits. Our extensive knowledge of insurance products enables us to identify these extras relative to your claim and ensure that you receive what you are rightfully entitled to. Further to this, Income Protection claims sometimes involve detailed financial analysis of your pre disability income and any income you may continue to receive post disability. We have experienced firsthand insurance companies making errors in their calculations of a client’s income with respect to the policy definitions and as a result significantly underpaying a client. Our expertise in interpreting policy definitions and applying them to each individual case enable us to ensure our clients receive the very maximum payment they are entitled to.

Additional aspects of the claims management process that we will look after for you include processing and submitting all required documents, regularly liaising with the insurer on the progress of your claim, negotiating a more favorable outcome for you if possible, liaising with third parties if required and obtaining further medical information or opinions if required. Attending to an efficient settlement of your claim is our priority and if payments are an ongoing process such as in an Income Protection claim we continue to monitor your claim until you return to work or your benefits period expires.

At Insurance Claims Advisers, we demystify the security of your family and livelihood. Let us help you take the stress out of obtaining peace of mind for the future.

What to do next?

  1. Contact us and we will provide you with an obligation free assessment of the legitimacy of your claim.
  2. If we believe that you have a legitimate claim, we will give you an indication of the cost of our service to manage this on your behalf.
  3. If you engage us, we will manage the entire process until such time as payment is made


*Please note that every product has different definitions regarding the criteria for a claim, we will be able to advise you on the likelihood of your claim being successful after our initial consultation.