Income Protection Claims

4254446_orig Income Protection Insurance (often referred to as Salary Continuance Insurance) insures your most valuable asset—your income. If you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to a serious accident or illness, you may well be eligible to claim on your Income Protection Insurance.For most of us, if our income were to stop, we would be placed under considerable financial pressure, compounded by the illness or injury that has caused it. The last thing we need at such a trying time is an insurance claim that seems to drag on, caught up in red tape. At Insurance Claims Advisers we ensure that your claim is as simple and efficient as possible, managing the entire process for you whilst you focus on recovering and becoming healthy again.

Income Protection products are often the most complicated types of insurance come claim time. In addition to the disability and medical definitions in place, there are also a number of financial requirements that you must meet to prove your eligibility for a payout. Many Income Protection policies include a partial disability benefit which is payable if, due to accident or illness, you are no longer able to generate the same level of income as you were prior to your disability. This means that, even if you are able to work in a limited capacity, you may still be eligible to claim on your policy a percentage of the monthly benefit you are insured for.

Partial Disability claims often require a detailed financial analysis of your income both pre and post disability and therefore it is essential to have an expert adviser overseeing such a claim. This will ensure that you are not underpaid by the insurer and that you receive the maximum payment to which you are entitled. Income Protection policies under an indemnity contract also require similar financial analysis of your income prior to your disability and again it is essential to have an adviser overseeing the process so that your benefits are maximised.

Another factor to consider is that Income Protection policies vary greatly in their definitions of total and permanent disablement. Variations exist within a single insurer between the different levels of cover they offer and also between the different insurance companies themselves, which determine how severe your impairment must be to receive a benefit. At Insurance Claims Advisers, our extensive knowledge of Income Protection products enables us to promptly determine whether you meet your policy’s definition of disability and if you will be eligible for a valid claim.

Further to this, many Income Protection products have multiple ancillary benefits attached to them that entitle you to receive extra benefits whilst you are off work and recovering. We are able to identify the extra benefits that may apply to your claim and ensure you receive these in a timely manner.

We have had the pleasure of facilitating the speedy payment of many Income Protection claims and ensuring our clients receive the maximum benefits to which they are entitled. On countless occasions we have exceeded our client’s expectations by seeing that they receive the extra ancillary benefits they are entitled in the full amount payable. We have dealt with claims where a client has been underpaid by the insurer and our analysis of their income has seen that they were subsequently paid their entitlements in full.


You can see some of our clients’ stories about how we looked after their Income Protection claims here. If you would like to find out how we can help you, contact us on 1300 665 356 for an obligation free assessment of your claim.

*Please note that every product has different definitions regarding the criteria for a claim, we will be able to advise you on the likelihood of your claim being successful after our initial consultation.