“We emigrated to Australia in 2014 and had to take out all the usual insurances for the kinds of cover that we had in South Africa. We were very fortunate in that we were referred to Ian Satill and his firm.
The knowledge and professionalism of Ian and Insurance Claims Advisers resulted in us getting all the insurance that we needed. As we know, we never expect to claim but unfortunately only a year and a half after arriving here, I was in the unfortunate situation of needing to make a dread disease claim due to a cancer diagnosis.
The process was so quick and simple as we did it through Ian, he dealt with all the issues and requests. I did not need to make a single call to a call centre or the insurer themselves. On the other hand, we made another claim via our super fund insurance, and it has been an extremely tiresome process that is still ongoing as we are dealing with call centres! I strongly recommend Ian and ICA!”

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