“I am a partner in an accounting and financial planning practice.  Our financial planning activity includes providing risk advice to clients.
In late 2012, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Thankfully we had taken our own advice and substantial income protection and trauma policies were in place.  These were triggered by my diagnosis.
When I received my diagnosis, we realised that we had very little experience in managing the claims process and dealing with insurers on behalf of clients.  I had enough challenges on my plate without launching into an education in how to manage claims with the insurers.  So we engaged Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers to assist us with my claims with 2 separate insurers.
Ian Satill from Curo/Insurance Claims Advisers demonstrated a high level of knowledge and expertise in expediting the lodgement and processing of the claim as well as maximising benefits paid to me under both policies.  He made some bold projections in respect of claim turnaround and benefits available which I thought at the time were overly ambitious.  In reality, he was right and I was wrong.
The performance of Ian and Insurance Claims Advisers through this process was impressive.
And even better…….  I have a post-surgery clean bill of health from my specialist.”
Partner, Financial Planning practice,
South Brisbane,

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